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Tech Tip – Get Alexa In Windows 10
Tech Tip – Get Alexa In Windows 10

Many of us are used to using Amazon’s digital voice-activated assistant for all kinds of things at home. You can also use it via Windows 10 in the office.


Keep your home or business safe and secure with our hi-tech CCTV security systems.

Protect Your Business

cctv business

A CCTV system is vital for businesses in the modern world. Figures show that 56% of small and medium-sized businesses have been victims of crime.

The presence of a CCTV security camera can make criminals think twice about targeting your business. Protect your business 24 hours a day and protect your profits with a quality security system. We can cater for every business, large or small. A CCTV system is a vital business tool in the fight against crime and can reduce burglaries, shoplifting and employee theft.



Protect Your Home

Unfortunately, crime is on the rise. The Office for National Statistics revealed that police recorded crime was up 10% in the year ending March 2017.

In 12 months, the number of recorded burglaries had increased by 10,500. A burglary costs the average homeowner £2,833 in stolen valuables. And as if that isn’t bad enough, it costs almost £600 to pay for the damage caused by the actual break-in. But it’s tough to put a price tag on the feeling of being violated.


cctv homeTake action and protect your loved ones, and your prized possessions, with our CCTV systems. Rest easy with a watchful eye on your property.

Our hi-tech CCTV security systems are designed to protect your home or business from theft. A good alarm is a must, as it will alert you and the local authorities of crime against your property.


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