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Data Backup

Protect your business from mass data loss with simple and secure business data backup.

backupYour business data is one of your biggest assets

The importance of protecting your data in the event of a disruptive situation is greater than ever with just 6% of businesses expected to survive long term having suffered a major data loss.

Data is essential to the smooth running of any business, as a result, data loss can be catastrophic. Data loss can happen in a number of ways. The most common cause we come across is the physical failure of your PC, however data loss can also occur as a result of theft, accidental error or disasters like fires and floods.

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Are you prepared if the worst was to happen?

Are you prepared if the worst was to happen? 7 out of 10 small firms that experience a major data loss go out of business within a year (DTI/PriceWaterHouseCoopers) – so don’t overlook the importance of data backup.

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